Quote Maker with Text – Landscape (Desktop)

This wallpaper is intended for use on a screen (PC or tablet). The resolution is not high enough to print. If you want to print it then please select printable quotes.

Follow each stage below to create your quote.


Select Background & Quote

  1. Select a background below.
  2. Click on the back arrow to go back to the quotes folder.
  3. Select a quote.

Change Color of Quote

To change the color of the quote click on the little black box below and select a color.

Add Image

You can add your own image instead of our backgrounds or in addition and on top of the background. You can also select an image from a gallery with thousands of images (icon to the right).

Add Text

Click on the A icon to add text.


Select Ready-Made Template

Landscape | Portrait

or Select a background and then go back to select a quote

There are hundreds of backgrounds available.

or Upload Background

Either upload your own image or select from the gallery

There are millions of backgrounds available.

Can’t print on one page?

Add Text

Edit Text